Friday, February 10, 2017

Women's Waterfall Raglan Tour



It's been a long time. Very long.

Very few patterns would get me back on this old blog filling out a post these days. I have pretty much divorced the blog and remarried Instagram (so maybe you should follow me there @chelisepatterson). But when Chalk and Notch comes out with a new pattern, you don't mess around. I love this new Women's Waterfall Raglan Pattern just as much as I loved the girl's Waterfall Raglan.

I jumped on board the tour for this pattern because I was so excited to make it and wanted to bump it up to the top of my sewing list. And I wanted to add a little hack so I am part of "the hack group" today with several other bloggers.

My hack might be hard to see. Along the bottom of the dress in the original pattern is a straight ruffle  and with mine I just brought the ruffle up to a point on my upper leg then back down again. Not sure how else to describe that...

Here were my hacked pattern pieces for the front of the dress.

I used this Art Gallery knit which was a complete dream to work with. So soft, so stretchy, nice and thick, nice drape, and even ironed well to make my hems. So worth it to fork out the cash for this quality knit. I have used too much poor quality fabric and that stuff just doesn't get much wear.

Do not miss out on this perfect pattern and check out what the other tour participants made!


  1. This dress turned out stunning! I am so glad you decided to join! XO

  2. Such a unique feature! I love your fabric choice too!

  3. I LOVE your version Chelise! Makes me want to make one!!

  4. Love the asymmetric ruffle. And lol about blogging vs instagram.

  5. But seriously, would you be able to achieve that "look" if you're keeping yourself from wincing in pain with every step? In all honesty, you could, but it's definitely not easy, and it's definitely a hard illusion to maintain for an extended period of time!

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