Monday, August 11, 2014

Sewvivor Challenge #1: El Capitan Quilted Blazer

Sewvivor: Quilter's Edition has begun! The very first challenge for us is Nautical. We needed to sew something that is both nautically inspired and quilted, but not necessarily a quilt. I chose to make this classic navy fitted blazer, but a quilted version. I love it so much that I named it El Capitan!

The blazer is made with a navy suiting fabric and, combined with batting and linings, is the perfect weight for a fall coat. The main part of the blazer's front and back are quilted with a 2-inch diamond pattern while the sleeves, pockets, collar, lapels, and facings are 1-inch diamonds. As a starting point I used this Burda blazer pattern, although I altered the length, lapel shape, and added my own design elements like the pockets and back strap.

For the 20+ pieces of this pattern I first cut out a piece of suiting large enough for the pattern piece, then drew my quilting grid on each. I sandwiched these pieces with batting and a thin lining, then quilted, then subsequently cut the pattern piece from the quilted suiting. After all that quilting it felt so good to start constructing the jacket, matching seams, and watching the garment come to life. Lastly I lined it for a perfectly polished look.

A nautical blazer wouldn't be complete without gold buttons and you can find them on the sleeve vents, pockets, back strap, and front. I am so so proud and in love with this jacket.

Now I need your vote!!!

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I believe 6 of us will be voted off after this week and I hope it is not me!