Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sewvivor Auditions- Strip-Pieced Shift Dress

I really tried not to audition for this competition. I mean right at this moment my family is in the middle of a big move. Last night we finished loading the U-haul, cleaned up shop, and today my husband is driving through New Mexico, Texas, the Oklahoma pan handle, and just into Kansas... halfway to Iowa City. I decided a couple weeks ago I wasn't going to audition because July is just crazy, but I just couldn't get it out of my head.

Or this dress. I couldn't pack away my boxes (and boxes and boxes) of sewing stuff until I got this dress out of my head and onto my six-year-old.

And this competition just sounds SO much fun. I'm bursting with ideas!

My idea was to piece together this dress in strips, using solids to create a patchwork that looks almost like a textile itself. I mean I would totally buy this fabric if it existed and I didn't have to spend hours piecing it all together.

For the silhoette I wanted a loose shift dress and I already had the perfect pattern for it, the Norah dress by MHC. It is an amazing pattern. See the Norah I made as Drew's Christmas dress last year! I did slightly modify the shape this time by adding length for my tall girl, lengthening the sleeves, and cutting down some of the A-line.

I also constructed it slightly different this time and I LOVE the results. The back of the original Norah is made with two pieces and has a slit at the neckline, but I didn't really want to cut up my pretty strips into two back pieces. So I cut my back as one piece, cut a line down it just where the slit was supposed to be, and when it was time to attach the lining I completely attached it all around the neckline and slit. After pulling the lining through and pressing, I got this cute little keyhole type slit. (For the slit, imagine how you would sew a welt pocket.) The neon shoelace trim was the perfect way to close it up.

This wasn't the most convenient time to sew a dress such as this, but so worth it. I hope I make it into the competition!!