Friday, November 28, 2014

FLIP this Pattern

1. I flipped a pattern.

2. See my post about it here.

3. GO VOTE for your favorite flip here!

Sorry, it's a busy weekend! AHHH! Will share more soon :)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rowan Tee Pattern Tour

I jumped at the chance to be part of the Rowan Tee pattern tour because 1) I completely trust Laura and her amazing patterns and 2) this is a staple pattern that I could use over and over and over again. Seriously. The size range covers all three of my children and then some. And then with all the different options I could make it 144 times in 144 different ways! There are long or short sleeves, hood or no hood, shoulder stripe or full arm stripe, kangaroo pocket, regular pocket, cuffs or hems... you get the idea.

I should note too that this pattern is perfect for beginners. Or for someone who has never sewn with knits but is ready to try. Laura goes very in-depth and detailed in her directions. She doesn't leave you guessing about anything!

For the first of many Rowan Tees I plan to make, I chose the long sleeve version with a stripe down the arms. I re-purposed an old purple knit dress of mine and used some stretch polka dot lace I bought at Joann's a while ago. I just overlayed the lace on top of the knit for the stripes and pocket. Then on a whim I decided to use the lace as the neck band and sleeve cuffs as well.

I would love this shirt in my size. How about it Laura?

This is a must have pattern! You won't be disappointed.

The tour finishes off tomorrow but here is where it has been...

Thursday, November 6, 2014

STYLO- Drew's Look

I'm back today with more photos and details of my girl's look for STYLO. I feel like I have endless inspiration when I am sewing for Drew, the problem is just narrowing it down to what I am going to make. I love these overalls, the unexpected cropped jacket for fall, and the gold buttons and accents. Scroll to the bottom of the pictures for all the pattern and fabric details.

Haute Hippie Crop pattern by Cali Faye
Sherpa from Joann's

Overalls pattern by Burdastyle
Polka Dot Chambray by Michael Levine fabrics

Bimaa pattern by LouBee Clothing-
Pink Sweater Knit by Michael Levine fabric
Eggshell Sweater Knit by Michael Levine fabric




Also, you can receive 10% off by using code "Stylo10" at Michael Levine where many of the fabrics from the magazine were purchased!

Monday, November 3, 2014

STYLO- Issue 3

I am so excited that the newest issue of STYLO is here! Today! This mag is so beautifully put together and it is chock full of kid's style and sewing inspiration. Oh and my children may or may not be in it. And I may or may not have spent hours and hours sewing the clothes they are wearing. I am so proud!

This week I will share here more photos and details about my boy and girl look in the mag so stay tuned... but first go see it all here!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Costumes

In case you don't follow me on Instagram (you should...@chelisepatterson), I have to share my kids costumes on the blog as well. Costume making is probably my favorite kind of making. Ever. The type of creativity and resourcefulness used just makes me so excited and happy. This year we have...

An Iowa Sweet Corn. I really wanted to make her something cute and cupcakey, but when my husband thought of a corn cob costume, my hands were tied. It was just too perfect for our one year stint here in Iowa. I quilted the yellow sweatshirt fleece, filling the "kernals" with stuffing, then cut the dress and hat from it. She is super warm and cuddly to hold in this thing!

Optimus Prime. Nash loves Transformers, specifically these Rescue Bot toys. I'm used to working with fabric, but working with cardboard and spray paint was a nice change too. The helmet started as one of those yellow construction worker hats and I just built on it from there. The challenge with this costume was to make it look robot-y but at the same time make it super movable and comfortable. He does walk pretty slow in those boots so we will have to see how far he makes it tonight!

Draculaura. Ever since the start of first grade, Drew dropped her Ninja Turtle obsession and has switched to Monster High. I wasn't too excited about her being Draculaura at first, but it turned out so good and she is so SO happy in it. That's what it is all about I guess! (I will just have to be happy with getting my choice for Kendy's costumes until she is old enough to have an opinion. :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

11th Annual PPCC 2014

Halloween would not be Halloween, nor would life be life without our annual Patterson Pumpkin Carving Contest (PPCC). It is pretty much one of the funnest nights of the year for us. See this post for a peek at all of our past pumpkins! 

Let's keep it simple this year! Check out our two pumpkins below and fill out our short ballot underneath. The winner gets major gloating rights for the entire next year.

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Thank you!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Modern Rainbow Brite

Project Run & Play is back and I just couldn't resist the first theme... create an outfit based on an 80's cartoon! So so many good cartoons to pick from. So much nostalgia. And thanks to Netflix my kids actually watch and love some of those cartoons. Lately it has been Transformers, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Super Mario Brothers. Kids shows sure have come a long way in the last 30 years, but somehow they still enjoy those old ones anyway!

This Rainbow Brite-inspired outfit came about because I've been wanting to make an overall skirt for a while now. And because Rainbow Brite is amazing. Although a Rainbow Brite costume would be really fun to make, the challenge was not to make a costume but to be inspired by a cartoon and make something wearable.

So this time I left off the magical rainbow belt that uses the power of the rainbow to bring color and happiness to people everywhere. Instead I made a self-drafted denim overall with a low scooped bib and a gathered skirt bottom with pockets.

To make the long sleeve top I started with the Bimaa Sweater pattern and slashed it apart to add the butterfly wing pieces that mimic Rainbow Brite's get-up. The butterfly wing pieces are cut out just like you would cut out a circle skirt, then open it up on one side.

The top I made pretty quickly and it is not perfectly lined up everywhere. (You can see one wing comes down further than the other, too.) Sometimes I sew quickly if I ever want to have any chance to sew at all!

Both the rainbow knit and the denim were from my fabric stash, which is always a goal of mine when I sew along with PR&P. I spend too much money on fabric and it feels so good to use up stuff I already have.

She looks ready to spread color and happiness everywhere!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sewvivor Challenge #1: El Capitan Quilted Blazer

Sewvivor: Quilter's Edition has begun! The very first challenge for us is Nautical. We needed to sew something that is both nautically inspired and quilted, but not necessarily a quilt. I chose to make this classic navy fitted blazer, but a quilted version. I love it so much that I named it El Capitan!

The blazer is made with a navy suiting fabric and, combined with batting and linings, is the perfect weight for a fall coat. The main part of the blazer's front and back are quilted with a 2-inch diamond pattern while the sleeves, pockets, collar, lapels, and facings are 1-inch diamonds. As a starting point I used this Burda blazer pattern, although I altered the length, lapel shape, and added my own design elements like the pockets and back strap.

For the 20+ pieces of this pattern I first cut out a piece of suiting large enough for the pattern piece, then drew my quilting grid on each. I sandwiched these pieces with batting and a thin lining, then quilted, then subsequently cut the pattern piece from the quilted suiting. After all that quilting it felt so good to start constructing the jacket, matching seams, and watching the garment come to life. Lastly I lined it for a perfectly polished look.

A nautical blazer wouldn't be complete without gold buttons and you can find them on the sleeve vents, pockets, back strap, and front. I am so so proud and in love with this jacket.

Now I need your vote!!!

Head over to see what all 16 contestants sewed up for this nautical challenge and cast your vote HERE!

I believe 6 of us will be voted off after this week and I hope it is not me!