Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Drew had been riding around on a plastic tricycle for long enough. Our nice friends handed down a beautiful bike for Drew, complete with a basket for her baby to ride along. So far the bike has brought a whole mix of emotions. From whoops of excitement after her first spin, to screams of terror as she started rolling backwards (very slowly) into the street, to laughs as she steered herself right into my legs, and to tears of frustration after she and the bike toppled over after a sharp turn.

I think she loves and hates that bike.



Hates. Tears of frustration. Good thing baby was in her basket to comfort her.

Speaking of frustration...

"How dare you strap me in this stroller? You know I need to be in constant motion every waking minute of my day!"

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Pet

Since last post... we went to Disneyland. It was fun. We had Christmas. It was my favorite Christmas ever. Starting fresh in 2012.

My mom set up with a woman she works with for Drew to come and meet her horses.

Of course she was in heaven. She was holding on to that horse all by herself which thrilled her and terrified me. This horse was so well trained she was able to walk (and even trot) around the pen for as long as she wanted. She really, really wants a pet horse for our backyard now.

And being the accomodating parents we are, we did buy her a new pet, though not as large as the horse...

His name is Turkleton. He would like everybody to know he is a tortoise and not a turtle.