Friday, January 16, 2009

Branch Popsicle

Two days ago Drew and I were frolicking at the park wearing short sleeves shirts and enjoying the beautiful 70 degree weather in Arizona.

Yesterday we were b-slapped back into reality when we arrived home to Iowa at -26 degrees. Note the negative sign before the 26. That's -26. And that's in the middle of the day. Oh and add the 20 mile per hour wind and it feels about -40 degrees.

We are supposed to get an ice storm tomorrow. Take a look at this picture from our last big ice storm. This is branch popsicle.

And it ain't tasty.


  1. You seriously crack me up- "We were b-slapped back into reality"...

    Seriously, I'm still laughing. But not because I'm in short sleeves still, but just because you're funny.

  2. I'm sorry :( Luckily you did get to enjoy some good weather- and just think...the next place you go won't have popsicles growing on trees!!!

  3. Yeah! You're home! I guess the weather here was a result of you getting spoiled with that great weather on the beaches, i'm so jealous!

  4. ok, that sucks! I'm not going to sugar coat it or lie. that's pretty much 100 degree difference. I don't know if I've ever experienced such a change of weather in just a couple days. SORRY!

  5. Ya, that sucks. It's lovely in AZ. You guys should come back. I know after school whatever. Drew's dress was really cute for your sister's wedding too.

  6. b-slapped! I love it!! Thanks for the laugh...and -26 sucks.