Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What We're Watching

Because our local cable company kept cleaning our wallets every month, we almost gave up TV all together. But Jason could not part with ESPN, so we switched over this summer to satellite TV, which is cheaper and now we are cool because we can record shows like everyone else. We do not watch very much TV, but I LOVE being able to record the whole series of a TV show and then watch whenever I want and fast forward through commercials.

So far these are the shows we have being recorded every week:

The Office, of course. I was a little disappointed with last week's premier... anyone else? There were definitely some funny parts, but as a whole... not it's best.

Fringe. Same producers as Lost and we love Lost. So far it's pretty good.

Project Runway for me. I choose to watch this when Jason is not around so he doesn't ruin it. He tends to make fun of eccentrically gay men, and this is Project Runway, so...

And Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. For Drew. But the songs are very catchy.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


The second we walk out the door, Drew gets very excited about the "weaves". She points and says, "weave," "weave,"until I pick one off the tree for her. Jason just likes to set her in it and let her go crazy.

Oh, and Shawnda is not weave-ing on her mission.There may have been someone she just could not leave behind.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Looks Like Fall

Last week we went to the apple orchards. While Shawnda and I ventured to the ends of the orchard for the coveted Honeycrisp, Jason and Drew had their own fun. Why did I wear heels to an orchard? I don't know. But I limped back to see the two surrounded by apples and eating to their heart's content in the shade.

Since Drew learned how to bite right into an apple and eat, she has since tried the same with both an orange and a potato. But little Creed didn't seem to notice a difference between the apple and potato. Yes, I still have Office on the brain and yes, my baby is the cutest thing ever.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sister Bowden

My sister left yesterday after being here in Iowa for ten days. That means our last ten days were filled with two things:

Game after game of this...

and watching episode after episode of this...

Shawnda leaves for her mission next week (Kirtland, Ohio mission) to a place far away from Settlers of Catan and The Office. But it will be a better place. And I'm so excited for her! Miss you already Sprinkles!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Did You Miss Me?

Google really ripped me a new one last week when it completely erased both of my blogs. At least I hadn't been keeping my family blog since before Drew was born. And at least it wasn't a small record of her first year of life. And at least I hadn't spent countless hours making them look exactly how I wanted.

That would have really sucked.